Monday, February 16, 2009

Gracious Gravy

It's been over a month since my last post. Has nothing interesting happened in that time? Have I no compelling thoughts I feel need to be shared? Hardly. Rather, I find that there is just no time or interest in setting down anything resembling a thematic account of my experiences.

In short, perhaps, I am feeling content. Is that trouble? My dreams are of kitchens filled with Williams Sonoma, Sunday morning rituals, and making the coffee in the morning. I dream of domesticity, it seems. In a way, this is the best way to describe my interests and goals. To find stability in self reliance. This is perhaps spurred by my growing disinterest in being housed in residence halls (at least, in open rooms where my presence is required as an element of my job. In short, I'm tired of being an RA). Perhaps next year, should I land my current version of the holy grail, then my story will be different.

The point of this entry is to say that I have things left in my head. I'm just not as diligent in relaying this information as I might usually like. I'm sure my readers (if there are any left) can related.